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Ice Cream Bliss: Welcome to D'Lish!

A Flavor For Every Palate

We feature "Chocolate Shoppe" Super-Premium Ice Cream, which is made in Madison, WI

Step into D'Lish!, where a delicious array of ice cream awaits. Enjoy an assortment of classic and uniquely crafted flavors, capturing the essence of frozen delights. Join us for the town's most tantalizing ice cream and embark on a journey of irresistible sweetness.

Fresh Ingredients

Our ice cream is made with fresh seasonal ingredients so you can have the most flavorful and refreshing experience on every visit.

Local Pride

We are Wisconsin Proud! That's why we serve "Chocolate Shoppe" Ice cream made in Madison, "Sprecher's" Sodas made in Glendale, and "Rural Route 1" popcorn made in Monfort. We love our little village of Bloomington and are excited to bring this business to our town and the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves in making everyone feel welcomed when they come in our door or order at our window.

Made With Love

We are a family and veteran-owned seasonal ice cream shop, serving up frozen delights with a touch of love, gratitude, and family values.

Sweet Delights Galore!




We also offer "Pup Cups". The dog biscuits are made by our local Catholic school as a fundraiser so their 8th graders can go to Washington DC each year. And atvthe end of the season, we will donate back a portion of the proceeds to 2 of our local Animal shelters.

We have specialty floats which are crafted with Wisconsin-made " Sprecher's" sodas

Stop By Today!

Experience the most delightful frozen treats in the city at D'Lish! Our exceptional flavors are crafted with the finest ingredients and perfected recipes. Whether you crave beloved classics or an extraordinary taste adventure, D'Lish! is the ultimate destination for your ice cream cravings.

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And the Vegan/Dairy-free Italian Ices can be blended into Vegan/Dairy-free "Chillers

Join Our Happy Customers

Nick K

Doesn’t get much better than dish. The best ice cream in Wisconsin and served with a smile.. thank you for opening here!

Molly Breuer

I LOVE the gluten/egg/dairy free options! Staff was pleasant, cheerful and treated us with a smile. Can’t wait to go back again.

Jorge Rangel

Driving back to DBQ, IA we saw that sign! All I wanted to see was were it said ICE CREAM!
Any of our Creams can be blended into Shakes or Malts, we do have Oat milk available as well for dairy-free Shakes and malts
"We also offer "Rural Route 1" popcorn
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